basement 有crack 漏水,会要多少钱修?

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basement 有crack 漏水,会要多少钱修?

帖子mom2016:) » 2015-02-09 12:45

Ok Sally. At work right now but I am sad to report that you have a foundation issue, most likely crack, in the northwest corner of basement. Snow was melting over the weekend, and we noticed a very wet spot coming through carpet. We have been soaking up water we can with towels. We also have a dehumidifier running non/stop. The carpet was buckling from water. I don't think there's much you can do without tearing up the carpet and hiring a foundation waterproofing company, a big expense. I would have to assume prior owners were aware of this and may not have disclosed it. I'm just guessing, as last year we had more snow than this year. I would contact your realtor. We will do our best to soak up the water, it's not gushing from foundation, appears to be dealing from maybe a crack. I hate telling you this as it's been one thing after the other.
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Re: basement 有crack 漏水,会要多少钱修?

帖子比花花还花 » 2015-02-09 23:56

无图无正香。 @onion37@
just do it!
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